MAJOR Announcement

Visitors of Hybrid of Infinite Worlds... LISTEN UP!

Yes I have jumped ship a loooong time ago, and if you want to see the latest in my wacky and not-so-wacky adventures:

Check out my new blog.

Thank you LiveJournal. It was fun... I'm still you're friend tho. Who knows, I might still update here once in a while. But please don't count on it. Not for a while.

W3 Season 2 - Episode 2

It's the showdown of spiky haired, pretentious teens and bulky dwarves - Japanese RPGs versus Western RPGs. Listen as we tackle the major differences between the 2 and analyze what exclusively works for one side or both. Could it be the setting, the characters, the mechanics, and/or the story? Oh boy.

What's that -- the song that doesn't end? You don't say...

Starring: G, Mia, Mayor, Kenneth, Altair and Mako




World 3 Season 2 - Episode 1

In this season premiere, we discuss some of our anticipated movies of 2010. Films such as Scott Pilgrim, Kick Ass, Iron Man 2, Inception, New York, I Love You, BECK, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Eclipse (!?) The A-Team and MORE! Plus — Wapakman 2!? Oh no you didn’t Tokyo Tokyo!

Afterward, it’s the videogames segment where we talk about major console titles hitting the shelves this 1st Quarter (January to March). BIG games such as MAG, Army of Two: The 40th Day, Mass Effect 2, Sands of Destruction, White Knight Chronicles, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, BioShock 2, Dante’s Inferno, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony PSP, Heavy Rain, Bad Company 2, Yakuza 3, GOD OF WAR III, FINAL FANTASY XIII… whew, and a bunch of others! No kidding – Q1 is jam-packed with games left and right. Believe.

World 3 Season 2… here, we, go. Enjoy!

Starring: G, Mia, Martin, Mayor and Red Fab.


The 1st Chillax Pill of the Year

Goddammit. I knew shitty things were bound to happen eventually.

Well no, not like the current situation is as atrocious as like cutting myself and splattering ketchup-looking fluids on those clean sheets. Hell-- it's not even synonymous with 'shitty' generally. I'd rather call it silly if not preposterous.

Could be the fact that waking up earlier this morning was such a fucking bitch. Curse me farkadoodle! And I slept a lil earlier than the usual already last night would ya believe? Skipped Bayonetta and 20th Century Boys part 2 so that I could hibernate in peace properly without any disturbance from the Dark Side. Obviously that didn't work out well or rather-- I could use more Zzzzz time.

Chill chill chill - it was an awesome first week of 2010. Let's keep the pace steady shall we?


Things I wish to accomplish this week:

- Finish Tales of Vesperia.
- Continue watching Darker than Black, Haruhi and Guin Saga so that I could move on with other series.
- Write-ups for KZone and Playground (if there are any this week that is... tho I have a feeling there is)
- World 3 Season 2 Episode 1.

Anything else I'm missing?

2009 Wrap Up

First major entry of the year. *poses like an optimistic Japanese RPG hero complete with steampunk goggles* Let's do this!



World 3 was born and phrases such as 'it is the week of' and 'laters' have been mocked since. True, the podcast had a rocky start due to some misconception after the first 2 episodes. But you can't deny the fact that episode zero was solid on some levels thanks to the chemistry between us guys and gal.

Also, my first cooperation with Playground Magazine along with their now-defunct radio show, which by the way was NOT the inspiration and seed for World 3. Come to think of it - I miss that show and I can't wait to be up on-air once again *obviously hinting at something*.


Oh right - Unitel Productions Inc. welcomed me with open arms and promised dreams. Sort of actually. Haha, it's funny - I was trying to remember the highlights of Feb and I totally forgot about Tony Gloria's Empire and the fresh scent of his offices. But yes, it was around this month where opportunity and I fused. G landing a full-time job since 2005 = achievement. Moving on...


Tensions at work continue to rise thanks to dicey "lectures" and near-zero encouragements. I'll just leave it at that because Brother Eye might be stalking me like a fucking eagle scout. Not that it shouldn't matter anyway since what's done is done. Other than that, Watchmen by Zack Snyder rocked my world and YUI made an awesome comeback with her Fullmetal Alchemist opening song. Little did I know that things are about to get rough and YUI's latest was actually a hint...


"To make my wish come true, I’ll continue living" is one of the translated lines found in YUI's "Again". Did she mean that the following events below were bound to happen? Could be...

Lost the full-time job and... the Break Up.

Enough said. Tough fucking times. Thank you gaming and Halo nights c/o Kenneth, Martin, Eri, Jed, Mayor, Altair, Mako and the rest. Let's keep going...


The Wingman Origins. Having stronger Social Links with Altair, Mayor, Mako and the rest were fucking fun-high-tastic. The best thing that has ever happened since the fall - confirmed. Thank you guys once again. Let's not forget new Social Links too such as Ice, Kath, Marz, Carlene and Trixie.

And JJ Abrams' Star Trek blew our minds and had me appreciating the franchise like never before. Saw the movie thrice (last time this movie-streak ever happened was Revenge of the Sith). IMAX experience was alright too, but it wasn't entirely all that different from the regular screenings.

World 3 continued podcasting at this point for obvious reasons, primarily to get Unitel's attention in producing the proposed video-web show. Alas things didn't work out and I still don't know why.

It's also worth mentioning that the drama behind the scenes during this time were epic and crazy batshit insane. Oh 'eff yeah.


Drama and the Wingman chronicles continue to clash like positive & negative or black & white. At least travelling to Singapore gave me the escapism I was rooting for. LOVED that trip and I don't mind going back this year.

Oh Revenge of the Fallen sucked ass, and E3 2009 showcased that both 2009 and 2010 will be awesome years of gaming.

But what really caught us all off guard was Tito Romy's passing.

I'll never forget that day. Some people may not know this, but I miss him too dearly.


...and the drama finally wraps up. I'm glad things toned down sooner and peopleses were finally talking again. But that didn't stop me from hanging out with Wingman and the crew.

Emma Watson was delicious by the way during this month and Greg Mottola's Adventureland hit the spot.


Saguijo with Chunky Story Fall was awesome, and the Baguio trip with Harem and Hell's whatchamacallit was breezy fun. 50s Diner and its yummy-cheapass burgers & shakes = lovely. Blimey, I wish I could eat some right now!

District 9, Up, Rise of Cobra, Arkham Asylum and Dissidia round up this month's geeky offerings.


Beatles: Rock Band, YUI's new haircut, GeekFight!, Rated: G and the 5OVER5 Tagaytay weekend were the major highlights of this month. No mistake about that. Plus 10 Story Fall's gig at Mag:net High Street was awesome as well which opened up new Social Links later on - Red Fab, Mela and Chen.

Yet you just can't have everything now can ya? *ahem* Something megatonic took place around this month. Can't and will not go into full details here because it truly was such a shitty, clusterfuck experience. Oh and that was just a warm up...

Nope I wasn't talking about Ondoy, which by the way was also MEGAfuckingtonic.


World 3 was nominated at the Philippine Blog Awards for Best Podcast. One of the (if not the) happiest accomplishments I ever had in my entire life. Believe. Unfortunately we didn't win thanks to W3's underdog status. But no biggie. Being nominated for its maiden year was good enough to make us all fluffy and happy. We even celebrated weeks after the awards at this cheap TokyoTokyo alternative place -Momotaro- and even karaoked at Wako after.

Though remember the "warm up" part I just mentioned earlier? Here goes - September was just a nuke. October? It was a fucking Death Star. Two words wait for it...: Break Up.


Good one chum. But you know what I mean. The biggest event and mega-twist of the year.

Then there's also (500) Days of Summer.

The best slice-of-life film since Garden State.

AND (how could I forget) there was also Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

If I can only name one man-crush for 2009, it's Nathan "Nate" Drake and NOT Korean superstar and ninja boy Rain.


26th Birthday was fun and alright. Let's rock out the rooftop once more this year shall we? With the WHOLE gang of course.

Wounds from Drama 2009 -the B side edition- were bleeding for the most part, and I'm classifying it as 'normal' opposed to 'exageration'. It's true - I had a lot of mental-ish breakdowns during this month and it wasn't pretty obviously. What can I say? Tough fucking times the sequel. Brooding over the fucking dilemma like the protagonist of Bryan Lee O'Malley's Lost at Sea.

Fortunately, Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 had kept me entertained for weeks thanks to its ultra-addicting online multiplayer mode. Still in the level 20s as of this writing which is just so-so given that most of my peers are on the 30s, 40s and even 50s.


Speaking of games, Assassin's Creed 2 was awesomesauce as well. I'm still getting goosebumps every time I try to remember the plot and its Anime-ish twist. Kudos to Jade Raymond and Patrice Desilets *highfives*.

Avatar proved that the googles DO SOMETHING and it was, overall, the best IMAX experience evar. Who gives a fuck about its predictable Pocahontas/Dances with Wolves plot?! That's not the point why you paid 401 bucks.

Tho what really rocked last month was our superhero-themed Christmas party, sponsored by Victoria's Court Pasig and its geekishly badass X-Men room. It was FUN despite me slipping with my undies and skipping out the pot. Oh and of course, as Martin puts it, "Avengers Reassemble". Glad that's over *confetti*.

...and what's this!?

Go figure. Celebrated New Year's a day earlier thanks to Playground's EB party.

Ultimately, December was one of the better months of 2009. Issues were resolved, family gatherings were love and I rarely had any mental breakdowns (if not zero at all) opposed to the last 2. I wish these relaxing and chillax days will continue to bloom in the following months. Really, I hope so...


It's the end of '09 and I just wanna say...

Nope, this is NOT the 2009 wrap up entry you're looking for.

Given to what happened last night (don't ask... but if you're curious, drop me a PM), my mind is (still) freakishly foggy at the moment. Therefore I'm in no condition to jot down the best & worst of 2009. Hopefully by Monday I should come up with something. So, the purpose of this entry you may ask besides the obvious? A few tidbits or shall I say my general feedback of this year, which will end in a few hours and clicks.

It's fucked up. 2009 is definitely one of the most challenging years I have ever faced. Actually scratch 'fucked up' and replace it with 'challenging'. Either way or adjective, it's still a crazy year and there's a good reason why:

Lost my slot/position in this very successful company, lost a dear relative, "lost" certain awesome and dearest individuals (2-3 of them to be exact), lost the "respect" and "status" from umm, nevermind--

Well, you get the gist with all the 'lost' above. Though I'm not saying it was a shitty year overall since there were still a couple of memorable highlights. Again, my head is a lil meh at the moment but I could name some: the wingman episodes, the drinking seasons, meeting up a lot of new interesting and cool guys, Star Trek and (500) Days of Summer, Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2, the heavenly malaysian moments... umm what!? Exactly.

So with all the bad vibes and glorious occasions, I guess 2009 isn't entirely THAT fucked up. It's still 'fucked up' on certain layers but not 'fucked up' like Peter Parker in his, in my honest opinion, Oscar-worthy performance in Spidey 2....

....actually there were times where it felt super similar but ANYWAY~

Happy New Year again guys! Here's hoping 2010 will kick ass... cheers!

ありあまる富 = Excessive Wealth

LSS of the moment: Ariamaru Tomi by Shiina Ringo.

I was able to finish watching the Japanese drama, Smile, the other day. Good show if you’re a fan of Arashi boy Jun Matsumoto and heart jabbing inspirational story elements. There are parts where it borders more on heavy melodrama than the conventional slice-of-life approach. It’s a standard I guess when it comes dorama generally, but I just wish it wasn’t THAT depressing. Taiyou no Uta (the TV series mind you featuring Erika Sawajiri and not the movie which has… oh YoU know It) had some tear-jerking moments but it also had a couple of goofy situations.

Actually -now that we’re slightly on the dorama topic- I wonder what’s the next show I should start dipping in. Atashinchi no Danshi, from the same team who made the Hana Kimi dorama possible and also featuring Maki Horikita, sounds interesting. Hmm…

The goggles... they DO something!

Mindblowing, epic, engaging and visually orgasmic-- Avatar is just hands down phenomenal. I'm giving it my highest recommendation and I really urge every Avatar-virgins out there to watch it in 3D (IMAX preferably). Trust me, you won't be appreciating the hype and/or visuals if you're just gonna see it at your favorite non-3D theater. The extra P150 or higher might bite your budget. Yet again (and this no exaggeration), it is sooo 'effin worth it. I saw Star Trek and Transformers 2 earlier this year at Mall of Asia and thought the P400 bucks I spent was just 'OK'. Sure, the Enterprise looked crisper and Megan Fox's acting was noticably worse on hi-def. But Avatar in IMAX 3D is totally different.


W3 Christmas 2009 Episode

Season's Greetings from World 3!

In this special episode, we discuss Christmas gift ideas for geeks and fellow enthusiasts out there. What would you get your buddies this holiday season with a budget of P500 or even P1000-2000? Graphic novels? Pop shirts? Life-size Gundams?

AND (the main segment if you will) our top games of 2009. Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, Scribblenauts, Street Fighter IV, Arkham Asylum, Borderlands, and so on-- it's all here. Enjoy and Happy Holidays y'all!

Starring: G, Martin, Mayor and Mia.



Wha-- the high and mighty edition

There are 2 reasons why I was still able to get up this morning in spite of a semi-problematic GarageBand file last night (which, for many obvious reasons, resulted to me turning in around 4AM):

One is my OC button flashing on randomly because I really want to finalize this audio project and have it done on time. Not that I'm getting paid for this anyway since 'tis my 'baby' and you'll be hearing about it pretty soon. Gave it away right there huh? Yes, it's a new podcast episode which involves a lot of shite w3 (that's 'we') normally give a damn about.

The other reason... fuck me Big Daddy, it's about Facebook updates that's still pissing me off the second I was informed. What the fucking cheesybun is going on?! It's goddamn and atrociously WEIRD with a huge bold/italicized W that's a lot heavier than the W of Capital Wasteland!

"But Capital Wasteland doesn't have a huge bold or whatnot W. You are just making this up you retard you."

SHUT UP, you're THE retard! Wait a sec, that's it-- retard. Retard but an elitist. Like Doc Ock's "brilliant but lazy". I... nevermind.

Comparing it a 79'-98' published book is one. But to me personally it's like Mean Girls replaced with patronizing 10s and mind zappers instead of blondes and dumbsorz.